BiaBrazil produces and sells women's clothing for the gym and sports in general. If you have a fitness life and need the best quality great looking activewear we highly recommend a purchase.


 Founded in 1994, in the city of Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul, it was the first Brazilian clothing micro company to export.

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Present in more than 65 countries, our products have high quality standards. Work with us and get margins above 100% profitability, high quality products for the satisfaction of its customers, prompt delivery and customized orders to meet their needs. With its own factory on Brazilian soil, we have full control over our production process, making all our products in the city of Porto Alegre - RS. Would you like a personalized service? Contact us!

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Melissa Gurgel


The clothes are beautiful, innovative, and you really feel good in them. They shape the body in a fantastic way!

Amanda Ekberg


I love Bia Brazil's 

clothing! They are so  comfortable and the

prints are beautiful with

an outstanding quality!

Suzana Costa


Bia Brazil's clothes are everything a woman can want. Quality, comfort and beauty in a perfect combination.

Ella Snall


I'm an unconditional fan.

Quality and good taste, always. Congratulations!

Rebeca Rubio


I love Bia Brazil's clothes. Excellent quality product. Super approve and recommend!

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