Frequently asked questions

Where can I see your latest catalog?

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be up do date with Bia Brazil's news. In case you missed our release, contact us and ask for a copy of the file.

Do you private label?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for more information

How do I become a reseller of the brand?

Click on the reseller tab, register and wait for our contact. You can find Whatsapp contact under the contact us, if you want a faster response.

Do you ship worldwide?

We work together with FedEx that has done a great job in always delivering our orders in great timing with excellent rates.

Do you handle exportation documentation yourselves?

Yes, we emit all the documentation and handle the delivery to all of our clients. All you have to do, is get informed about your importation policies. They are different in each country, it is client's responsability to communicate special needs.

Where do I find BiaBrazil in my country?

If you are having trouble finding our products in your country, contact us and ask for a catalog.